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Absolute Aircraft Parts Appointed African Distributor for Whelen Aviation Technology



Fantastic news! Absolute Aircraft Parts has been appointed the African distributor for Whelen Aviation Technology. This means that pilots and aircraft owners in Africa now have easier access to high-quality LED and HID aircraft lighting solutions. Whelen is renowned for its innovative and reliable aviation lighting products, which are crucial for safety and visibility during flight.

This appointment of Absolute Aircraft Parts means faster access to Whelen’s advanced lighting technology, along with better customer support and service within the African aviation community. Whether it’s LED position lights, anti-collision systems, or HID landing lights, these products can significantly enhance aircraft visibility and operational safety.

If you’re in need of upgraded aircraft lighting or looking to improve your aircraft’s lighting system, Absolute Aircraft Parts is your go-to source for Whelen Aviation Technology products in Africa. This partnership signifies a commitment to providing top-notch aviation solutions to the region. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to explore the range of lighting options available.

Some of the superior lighting products offered by WAT

Orion Series (LED Position & Anti-Collision Lights):

  • Self-contained wingtip and tail mounted lights.
  • Long operational life and reduced power consumption.
  • Field replaceable polycarbonate lens for durability.

CHROMA Series LED Plug N Play Position Lamps:

  • Meets FAA requirements for Chromaticity, Intensity, and Coverage.
  • Designed for easy installation using existing Red or Green lenses.
  • Vibration-resistant design suitable for rotorcraft applications.

Parmetheus Series (LED Landing Lights):

  • State-of-the-art LED landing lights with advanced optic technology.
  • Lightweight, low current, and moisture resistant.
  • External flasher friendly and suitable for various aircraft applications.

BoomBeam HID Lighting:

  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system for specific aircraft models like Lancair, Columbia, and Cessna.
  • Custom upgrade kits available to replace older incandescent or LED lights.
  • Offers exceptional reliability with a 5-year 5,000-hour warranty.

For pilots and aircraft owners looking to enhance safety, visibility, and efficiency, these innovative lighting solutions through Absolute Aircraft Parts is a compelling choice.

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