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Absolute Aviation at your service at NAMPO airport

  • Basic Maintenance Capabilities & Services on site
  • Full maintenance support can be arranged on site
  • Access Control to the landing strip
  • Golf cart shuttles
  • Beverages
  • Toilets

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additional information

Nampo Park Landing Strip


The size of the controlled area is as follows:

  • Radius around NAMPO Park from S27 ° 13 ’36 “E 26 ° 41’ 00” from 5 “Nautical Mile” and height from ground to 3000 feet.
  • Awarded communication frequency is 120.2 MHz and the time of air traffic control is between 07:00 and 17:00.
  • The callsign will be “NAMPO Tower”.

By Plane

The runway and landing strip are manned by air traffic leaders and air authorities. There will be air traffic control zone, for the sake of flight safety once again this year.

The Format:

NAMPO Harvest ATZ with AFIS
Radius 5 Nm S27 ° 13 ’36 “E 26 ° 41 ‘ 00”
SNES – 3000
Frequency: 120.2 – Call Signal: NAMPO Tower

Other Information:

Length: 1 200m
Width: 20m + 20m clean on both sides
Height: ± 4 500 feet above sea level
Left circle flight

Please Note:

Power wires on east and west side.

IMPORTANT! The landing strip is not registered and is used at your own risk.

Keep clear overhead NAMPO Park grounds and be aware of advertising balloons.

NAMPO 2023 Aviation Webcam

Click here to access the webcam

Click here for the WhatsApp Bot. Just add the name: ‘Nampo’ and it will show the weather

DISCLAIMER: Access to and the use of the airfield at NAMPO Park is entirely at own risk. Grain SA and or NAMPO (Pty) Ltd, the organisers, their officials, employees, agents or contractors will not be held responsible or accept any liability for any injury to, or the death of any persons, or for any damage to, or destruction or loss of any property sustained during access to or the use of the airfield at NAMPO Park. All persons accessing or using the airfield at NAMPO Park indemnify Grian SA and/or NAMPO (Pty) Ltd against any claim, legal action or judgement costs or any other expenses which may be made, which may relate to any of the above-mentioned incidents. The right of admission is strictly reserved.


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