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Heading: New Aircraft Sales



Authorised to represent Beechcraft and Cessna we are uniquely positioned to supply new and pre-owned aircraft.

Why buy with us?

  • Exclusive access to our AbsoluteAdvantage rewards programme, giving you preferential customer discounts across our Group’s companies, products, and services.
  • Extensive aftersales support. We service, manage, operate, charter, hangar, and supply parts.
  • Proven track record for customising aircraft solutions to meet our customers’ needs, without paying inflated prices.
  • Our in-house legal and administration team ensure our sales agreements are in line with the latest aviation legislation.
  • We facilitate the entire sales transaction from start to finish, for a hassle-free process.
  • Absolute quality extends far beyond the initial purchase decision.

Why sell through us?

  • Gain maximum exposure to buyers and merchants through our national and international sales networks, including Textron Aviation’s global channel network.
  • Make use of our various marketing channels and international aircraft sales trading platforms.
  • Our position as authorised sales representative for Beechcraft and Cessna adds credibility to all our transactions.
  • Receive pricing guidance from our experienced Absolute Aviation Sales Team.
  • Obtain genuine leads and engage with serious buyers; we distinguish tyre kickers or time wasters from real opportunities.
  • Sales agreements in line with industry best practices and legislation.
  • Mediation for buyer and seller, maintaining good relations for future sales interactions.

As an aircraft buyer, you qualify for AbsoluteAdvantage membership if you purchase a new Textron piston aircraft, a new Textron jet or turboprop aircraft, or any pre-owned jet or turboprop aircraft through Absolute Aircraft Sales. This means you will be receiving unrivalled aftersale rewards for the duration of your aircraft ownership.

Exclusive Mandates

We require a mandate to market and represent aircraft on behalf of owners to protect the seller’s interests for the following reasons:

  • The same aviation sales channels are used by sales agents the world over. Reach is not increased by using more than one agent.
  • Competing sales agencies always have the unintended effect of inviting a price war. This negatively impacts the aircraft’s value potential.
  • Increased aircraft representation across the same sales platforms invites speculation on the basis of a perceived distressed sale.

But, there is this too.

Our Absolute Aviation team actually invests to sell your aircraft.

Our investment:

  • The AbsoluteAdvantage rewards programme
  • Our national and international extended network
  • Turnkey service support
  • Major media coverage through multiple marketing channels

Capitalise on our reputation and established sales networks to get the right price and buyer for your aircraft. List your aircraft for sale with our Absolute Aviation Sales Executives.

meet The absoluTe Aircraft sales team

Sales Executives:

Bruce Johnstone

Sizwe Buthelezi

Robyn Clark

Lisa Molenaar

Adam Rosenthal

Justin Van Tonder

Deal Delivery and Facilitation:

Melodie Krugell

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