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A 6-months free comprehensive product warranty for selected pre-owned Beechcraft and Cessna Aircraft.

what is an AbsoluteApproved aircraft?

Absolute Aviation is the authorised representatives for Beechcraft and Cessna in the Central and Southern African territory. As such, we are motivated to ensure that buyer and seller interests are uppermost when trading on either of the two brands. As a first in the South African aviation industry, we are offering a six-month aircraft warranty on selected pre-owned Cessna and Beechcraft piston and turboprop products. If anything unscheduled needs attention or repair, we will remedy this directly and cover all related costs. Our aim is to manage the risk of buying or selling a pre-owned aircraft and to ensure that flying remains safe, affordable and fun.

If you needed another reason to choose to fly either a Cessna or Beechcraft – here it is.

to the seller

Our objective is to ensure your investment is optimised and that you get top value for your aircraft. In addition to the standard marketing and advertising investment, we offer a full six-month warranty on your aircraft when we sell it. This value-added offering will reduce price negotiations and will set your aircraft apart from others for sale at the time. The full cost of the Approved inspection, as well as the investment in the warranty and the aircraft advertising, will be borne by Absolute Aviation, which is the basis of the sole mandate requirement. It is also why you can trust us with your aviation asset.

to the buyer

Buying a pre-owned aircraft can be challenging. Whilst every effort is made to reduce the unknowns by way of aircraft records analysis and the pre-delivery inspections, you will only really know what you have purchased when you own it. As the authorised dealers for Beechcraft / Cessna in the territory, Absolute Aviation aims to change that and an AbsoluteApproved Aircraft comes with an aircraft warranty for the first six months of owning your plane. We will resolve unscheduled maintenance required on your Cessna or Beechcraft at no cost to you.

Why would you buy anywhere else?

how does an aircraft qualify for Approved status?

At Absolute Aviation we place great value on the customer experience and will only represent aircraft that fit our standards relating to quality and safety. In order for an aircraft to qualify for AbsoluteApproved status, it must pass a tip-to-tail inspection prior to being made available for sale. This comes at no additional cost to the seller as the cost of the inspection is borne by Absolute Aviation.  You can have confidence in the knowledge that you have purchased an iconic aircraft in either a Beechcraft or a Cessna, and the reassurance that you are getting every cent of value out of what you paid for it.

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