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Absolute Aviation is the exclusive distributor of BLR performance systems in sub-Saharan Africa. BLR Aerospace is fully devoted to performance innovation with products now on more than 5,000 helicopters and airplanes worldwide, and endorsed by industry-leading OEMs such as Bell Helicopter and Beechcraft Corporation, and they back their superior designs with unsurpassed manufacturing quality.

BLR holds the distinction of being a NASA Technology Transfer Licensee…and their innovation-focused company specializes in aftermarket aircraft modifications such as Winglet Systems, and MT Propellers which are engineered to improve the performance and maximize the return of your aircraft investment.


BLR Turbine Aircraft

whisper prop

BLR Aerospace presents a new spin on King Air Performance.  Whisper Prop is a carbon fiber propeller with a natural composite core that delivers unprecedented reductions in noise, vibration and weight. Smooth and quiet, the Whisper Prop is a five-blade masterpiece of innovation and artistry.

Developed in conjunction with MT-Propeller, the BLR Aerospace Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver an ultra-lightweight result. When bundled with BLR Winglets, runway takeoff requirements are reduced by up to 33%, dependent on conditions.

BLR & MT-Propeller – where innovation and artistry meet

By combining BLR Winglets and the new MT 5-blade propeller, King Air owners can now experience the ultimate performance package.


  • Reduce noise and vibration – fly in sublime quiet
  • Better runway performance – take off and land where you choose
  • Operate from the closest short field – save precious time
  • Improved safety
  • Carry more of what you want – increase short field useful load

winglet system

Having a BLR Winglet System installed on your Beechcraft King Air will reduce induced drag so you can fly faster or improve fuel economy, or some of both. With more than 300 systems in operation, BLR Winglets are proven and reliable, factory installed, and are certified by the FAA, EASA and ANAC.


  • Reduced time to climb
  • Extended range
  • Improved handling qualities
  • Modernized appearance
  • Improved OEI climb
  • Increased hull value
  • Improved high-altitude performance
  • Improved slow flight

LED lighting system

Field retrofit kits are available to add upgraded LED Lighting to any King Air equipped with BLR Winglet Systems.

performance package

A series of product enhancements from industry-leading companies come together to deliver big benefits in the new King Air B200GT. The addition of BLR Aerospace Winglets increases lift and reduces drag and stall speed. Yet, because of their composite construction, the Winglets add very little weight. New composite propellers and a new ram air recovery system are also key enhancements. The King Air B200GT can be off the ground in about 2,100 feet, allowing it to use airports inaccessible to previous King Airs – and off limits to jets. All performance information is included in the new BLR Flight Manual Supplement.

BLR piston aircraft

landing gear mod

  • New Gross Landing Weight of 7,368 lbs.
  • Manifest 7,368 lbs. on every flight!
  • No short haul loading restrictions.
  • No Zero Fuel Weight limitations.
  • No overweight landing concerns.
  • One time installation.
  • No additional maintenance required.
  • No airspeed dial face change.
  • BLR STC #SA5796NM compatible.
  • BLR STC #SA00192SE compatible.
  • BLR STC #SA00039SE compatible.

vortex generators

Generally speaking, vortex generators are small, upright vanes that are attached to aircraft surfaces to inhibit boundary layer separation and thereby reduce drag.


  • Gross Takeoff Weight Increases on most models.
  • Landing Weight Increases on limited models.
  • Zero Fuel Weight Increases on most models.
  • Elimination or reduction of Vmca on most models.
  • Shorter takeoffs & landings, steeper climb-outs & approaches.
  • Stall speed reductions of 7-21% – varies by model.
  • Improved handling qualities.
  • Approved on Known-Ice aircraft.
  • No speed loss on properly rigged & loaded aircraft.
  • Easy one-day installation.
  • No additional maintenance required.
  • No weight & balance change required.
  • Decreased tire & brake wear.
  • FAA-STC Approved / 337 form installation for each model.


AFT body strakes

The modification consists of two tapered strakes which are approximately 5 feet long that are riveted to the underside of the aft section of the fuselage. Because the rear most portion of the strakes is actually attached to the tail cone the strakes incorporate a split design which allows the tail cone and aft section of the strakes to be removed as one piece for maintenance. Installed, the kit weighs in at 7 lbs.

The strakes are designed to improve the directional stability of the Duke, reduce aft body drag, and reduce Dutch roll oscillations. The reduction in Dutch roll is most apparent to the passengers riding in the back of the airplane and is the main reason the strakes were developed.

The strakes are available in kit form with all the necessary parts, installation instructions and certifying paperwork included. The kit can be installed by any qualified maintenance facility. Installation time is approximately 16 hours plus paint. There are no placards added or airspeed indicator dial changes required with the kit.


  • Improved Directional Stability during takeoff, climb and landing.
  • Improved aft cabin ride during low and high altitude cruise.
  • Improved stability and handling at high angles of attack and low speed.
  • Improved yaw dampening with or without the yaw dampener engaged.
  • Reduced Aft Body Drag with associated benefits of increased cruise speed.
  • Additional 2 knot reduction in Vmc.


Duke winglets

Available for Beechcraft 60, A60 and B60 Dukes, BLR Winglets deliver improved performance across-the-board as a direct result of an increase in effective wing span and associated reductions in lift induced drag. This is done simply by adding span and redistributing the intensity of the rotating air mass (tip vortex) over a larger area, reducing the intensity of that air mass. Installing a pair of Winglets on your Duke is the aerodynamic equivalent of adding 3’ to your wings without the complications of replacing your de-ice boots, or cutting holes in your hangar doors. The vertical span of each winglet is 24” with a 22” root chord, and a cant angle of 15° for an actual wing span increase of slightly more than 5” at the extreme winglet tips. This keeps the Duke’s overall wing span under the magic 40’, a design consideration for owners with 40’ hangars.


  • Lower actual Vmc means larger safety margins at takeoff, or lower liftoff speeds for short field operations.
  • Improved high altitude stability for reduced Dutch roll tendencies & better cruise efficiencies.
  • Lower stall speeds allow approach category A IFR minimums.
  • Unique installation process allows for access inside 232 gal. tips to repair factory fuel leaks.
  • Fully compatible with BLR 30-gallon Wing Tip-Tanks.


Grand Duke package

Now is a great time to upgrade your Beechcraft 60, A60 or B60 to a BLR Aerospace Grand Duke. The current market economics of pre-owned Dukes is at an all-time high and more than justifies an investment in your Duke. Our Grand Duke program can be tailored to meet your schedule and budgetary needs. Whether you need our complete fast track installation program, or prefer to spread the package over three or four separate purchases, we can and will accommodate your needs.

BLR helicopters

 fastfin systems

The FastFin® System incorporates BLR’s proven Dual Tailboom Strakes with a vertical fin modification that improves airflow to make tail rotor management easier, safer, more efficient, and more productive. FastFin will dramatically expand the lifting capacity of your helicopter, increase performance and enable greater stability in all flight regimes, including high and hot hover conditions. Additionally, FastFin will reduce both pilot and airframe fatigue.

In 2010, BLR Aerospace certified FastFin for Bell 412 helicopters, and the demonstrated performance increases are taking the industry by storm. Lift up to 1250 pounds more! That’s a 91 percent improvement!


  • Improve High/Hot Performance
  • Improved Crosswind Capabilities
  • Reduced Fuel Burn in Hover Reduced Pilot Workload
  • Improved Cruise Stability
  • Drag Reduction
  • Easy, Three-Day Installation
  • Tailboom Strakes (unless already installed on aircraft)
  • Low-Cost, Rapid Return on Investment
  • All Necessary Parts for Complete Installation by a Qualified A&P Mechanic

duel tailboom strakes

Operators worldwide are amazed that something so simple contributes so much to everyday operations.

The BLR Dual Tailboom Strake Kit is a cost effective, multi-functional, and value added, modification ideal for single rotor helicopters with enclosed tailbooms. BLR’s strake design has been optimized for: ease of installation, improvements to handling qualities, performance improvements for climb and hover operations, an increase in overall yaw control safety margins, and all while providing operators reductions in direct operating costs. Dual Tailboom Strakes – quickly and easily installed on the helicopter’s tailboom – organize and control aircraft rotorwash, reducing the undesired sideways lift on the left side of the tailboom. Strakes reduce the turbulence under the tailboom, reducing tail rotor pedal reversals by up to 48 percent.


  • Improved Hover-Hold Tasks
  • Reduced Airframe Fatigue
  • Improved High DA Capability
  • Reduced Torque
  • Reduced Tail Rotor Power Requirements
  • Reduced Operating Costs (fuel savings)
  • Improved Pedal Margins
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