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Better Performance Starts With Better Technology

Adding Winglets to your Duke will provide dramatic improvements in flight characteristics and handling, making it safer and more manageable in all conditions. This is especially true when high angles of attack occur during take-off or engine-out operations.

Enhanced performance results from an increase in effective wingspan, or aspect ratio, and associated reductions in lift-induced drag.

Benefits Include

>    Climb to altitude faster

>    Cruise more efficiently at higher altitudes

>    Enhance safety margins at take-off with lower liftoff speeds for short field operations

>    Reduce Dutch roll tendencies

>    Lower stall speeds allow approach category A IFR minimums

Winglets may only be installed on aircraft equipped with BLR Vortex Generators.

Duke Winglet are available for:

Click to download available performance charts or contact Absolute Aviation.

Beechcraft Duke

Duke 60*(Requires Retrofit)

Duke A60*(Requires Retrofit)

Duke B60

*Winglets compatible with B-style tips only.

Duke Winglets Media

Read what our customers have to say about Duke Winglets

“Dollar for dollar, the BLR Vortex Generators and winglets are undisputedly the paramount addition for improved performance and safety on the Duke.”

– Bill Passey, President, Passey Bond Insurance / Duke Flyers Association

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