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Whisper Prop


Whisper Prop



Better Performance Starts With Better Technology

Make every flight a great flight with the Whisper Prop® propeller system.

Whisper Prop is a five-blade, small-diameter, carbon fiber propeller with a natural composite core for superior noise dampening. Developed in conjunction with *MT-Propeller, the BLR Aerospace Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver an ultra-lightweight result with infinite blade life.

Installing Whisper Prop on your King Air will enhance performance and send cabin comfort soaring with unprecedented levels of quiet and a smooth, low-vibration flying experience. A smaller diameter equates to greater ground clearance, reduced vacuum effect, and less resulting FOD.

Designed for superior protection against damage, the Whisper Prop features a hard nickel leading edge. In the unusual event that the blade is damage, you can be confided that the Whisper Prop has the easiest in-field repair, decreasing expensive aircraft downtime.

*MT-Propeller is the industry leader in design and production of high performance and noise reducing propeller systems with more than 18,000 systems flying worldwide and over 60,000 blades in service. Read more about MT-Propeller here.

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whisper prop & winglet performance VIDEO

Whisper Pop® Brief

Whisper Pop® & Winglet Testimonial

Performance Highlights

> 30% TO



reduction in noise and vibration*


diameter with a natural composite core

Whisper Prop is available for:

Click below to see what King Air models are compatible with BLR’s Whisper Prop®. Propeller comparison charts available for download upon clicking model. Contact BLR for more information.

King Air 90 Series
King Air 200 Series
King Air 300 Series
King Air 100

→ King Air 100

Whisper Prop Media

Featured Package

Whisper Prop + Winglets

Performance gains are even higher when Whisper Prop is paired with BLR Winglets. Together, this powerful package comes with a certified Flight Manual Supplement verifying superior performance when compared to the factory 90GTx and 200 performance manuals.

Operators can now enjoy the short-field performance and interior space of a King Air with comfort surpassing the comparatively space-limited entry-level business jet – all while flying an aircraft they already own.

Learn more about Winglets here.

>*30-50 percent reduction in measured dB, depending on frequency, when compared to the factory standard propeller

> Runway length reductions up to 33 percent

> Access to shorter fields, reduced trip times, greater safety margins

Whisper Prop + Winglets are available for:

King Air 90 Series

→ King Air C90A

→ King Air 90GT/i

King Air 200 Series

→ King Air 200

→ King Air B200

→ King Air B200C

→ King Air B200GT

→ King Air B250

King Air 300 Series

→ King Air 300

→ King Air 300LW

MT-Propeller-newest in propeller technology

“This is an amazing improvement in comfort!”

-Capt. Jim, Flight Test Pilot, DER

The props are beautiful. They are also definitely quieter, with a clear reduction in noise and vibration.”

-George Moussa, President of Ambella Home

“This airplane feels more like a turbofan than a turboprop.”

-Capt. Paul, ATP Contract Pilot

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