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Raisbeck engineers advanced performance systems aimed at improving the performance, comfort, safety, and operational flexibility of your aircraft. We offer systems for the Beechcraft King Air, Bombardier Learjet and DeHavilland Twin Otter. Historically we have also built products for commercial aircraft, and are continually expanding our product offerings across new and existing fleets! Click your aircraft below to explore our systems.


Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers (SBTP)

Raisbeck’s Swept Blade Turbofan Propellers represent the latest in propeller technology and give your aircraft the best performance of any King Air in the field.


Ram Air Recovery System (RARS)

By making the airflow to the engine more efficient, the Ram Air Recovery System is allowing you to fully optimize your King Air 200’s engines by decreasing ITT by 18° at equal torque, preventing FOD, and increasing all weather capabilities.

Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS)

Raisbeck’s Dual Aft Body Strakes reduce drag and noise, and eliminate yaw-damper- inoperative altitudes on your King Airs.

Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE)

More lift, less stress and less drag are created by changing the shape of the inboard section of the leading edges of the King Air 200’s wings with our Enhanced Performance Leading Edges—a key part of the EPIC package you don’t want to miss.

High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD)

Aerodynamically encasing OEM High Float Gear, Raisbeck’s fully-enclosed High Flotation Gear doors restore the climb and cruise performance of standard-gear King Airs and protect wheel wells, tires and brakes from the elements.

Crown Wing Locker System (CWLS)

Raisbeck’s Crown Wing Lockers give you with more baggage space outside the cabin. Also reducing drag, the Wing Lockers help you optimize your cargo capabilities with zero performance loss.

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