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For pilots flying solo or in congested, high-traffic environments, the Auxiliary Heading Selector System (AHSS) adds a hearing selector to the pedestal, providing and ideal ergonomic solution to relieve pilot workload and provide added safety through redundancy in the event of a glare shield selector (heading bug) failure.

How does it work? The Auxiliary Heading Selector System utilizes a Colling Heading Selector (FGP-3000) identical to the unit in the glare shield and locates it in the e pedestal. Keeping the pilot’s arm lowered while controlling the heading of the aircraft in high-workload environments and avoiding unnecessary fatigue and discomfort. Additionally, the System includes a switch on the glare shield, giving pilots the option to toggle between the glare shield heading bug or the pedestal-located heading bug. The AHSS is easy to install and can be conveniently done in conjunction with a regular inspection.

  • Beechcraft King Air 200 series, 250, 260, 300 series, 350, and 360 equipped with Collins Pro Line 21™ or Pro Line Fusion®
  • Compatible with all Raisbeck Performance Systems
  • Ergonomics – For pilots operating in high-workload environments where frequent heading changes are needed, holding one’s arm outstretched o a period of time can create unnecessary discomfort and fatigue. The AHSS system provides pilots the convenience of keeping one’s arm lowered while making frequent heading changes.
  • Reduced wear – When operating in turbulent conditions, the potential exists to put excessive downward force on the glare shield selector, creating extra wear or, worse, breaking the knob. The AHSS offers pilots the option to toggle between the two heading selectors, thereby extending the life of the original selector.
  • Redundancy – the AHSS system provides a redundant heading selector to the pedestal so in the event the glare shield unit fails, the pedestal unit, when added to the MEL, provides a redundant backup
  • Increases reliability, allowing flight to remain uninterrupted and maintain dispatch readiness
  • The Auxiliary Heading Selector System (AHSS) uses the same switch configuration as the Flight Director Auto Pilot Panel under the glare shield but is located in the center pedestal
  • An LED switch is mounted on the glare shield and is used to select which Heading Select Knob will drive the Pro Line Flight Director Heading Control. The pilot can choose to use the center pedestal control knob instead, thus keeping his arm lowered as he controls the heading of the aircraft
  • Components of the AHSS include a remote heading panel, remote heading selector switch, and remote heading select switch bracket

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