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Getting the most out of your King Air C90 means taking advantage of the benefits and operational flexibility Raisbeck’s EPIC Performance Package brings to your operations. You can achieve optimum performance with shorter takeoff and landing distances, better climb and cruise speeds. Increased payload, fuel, range and passenger comfort

  • King Air models C90, C90A and C90B
  • Compatible with all Raisbeck Performance Systems
  • Increased takeoff (10,500) and landing (9,700) weight
  • Improved FAA-Certified takeoff and landing field-length performance
  • Better payload, fuel, and range capability from shorter runways and hot-high scenarios
  • Higher engine operating ITTs for better climb and cruise performance (LJ-1062 and earlier)
  • Quieter performance through the reduced climb and cruise RPM
  • Greater flexibility to operate safely into more airports
  • Worldwide noise certification
  • Lock-in prop synchrophasing
  • Aluminum 4-Blade Swept Propellers (SBTP)
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS)
  • Crown Wing Lockers (CWLS) Optional
  • Gross Weight Increase (LG-527 and sub)
  • FAA-Approved Flight Manual

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