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Improve your aircraft’s climb and cruise speed performance while reducing stall speeds with Raisbeck’s Enhanced Performance Leading Edges (EPLE). Constructed of lightweight composite material, our Leading Edges replace OEM factory leading edges to provide increased performance and safety by eliminating airflow separation and drag on the wings during takeoff roll. Operators will experience superior handling characteristics and a smoother rotation at takeoff.

  • Available for King Air 200, B200, B200GT, 250 and 260 models
  • EPIC Performance Package element
  • Compatible with other Raisbeck Performance Systems

Not eligible for STC transfer from one aircraft to another

  • Increased cruise speed and range
  • Reduced stall speeds when EPLE is combined with other Raisbeck systems in the EPIC Performance Package
  • Increased outboard wing life
  • Mor efficient air-conditioning through improved intercooler effieciency
  • Excellent low-speed flying qualities and stall characteristics
  • Composite construction for strength and weight savings
  • Modern aerodynamic airfoil improves airflow
  • Recessed flush-mounted de-icing boots minimized dag
  • Extended de-icing boot material protects intercooler inlet from foreign object damage (FOD)
  • Optimized intercooler ilet and ducting

customer comments

“I can tell a big difference, especially on the final approach, in longitudinal stability with the yaw damper disengaged. The enhanced leading edges make the airplane land much nicer as well. Pre-installation, the wing would abruptly quit flying on landings, so you really had to work for a good landing. Post-installation just flies nicely, and there are no ‘suprises’”

R.Jenkins, Raleigh, North Carolina USA

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