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If your King Air is equipped with high-flotation landing gear, you can restore lost climb and cruise performance back to standard-gear performance, while keeping wheel wells, tires and brakes protected from the elements with Riasbeck’s fully-enclosed High Flotation Gear Door (HFGD)

  • Available for King Air 100, A100, F90, B100, 200, B200, 250, 260, B200GT, 300, B300, 350, and 360 (including ER models) equipped with high-flotation landing gear
  • EPIC element for those models equipped with hight-flotation landing gear.

Not eligible for STC transfer from one aircraft to another

  • Fully-encloses protruding high-flotation gear, keeping wheels, tires, and brakes protected against weather and dirt
  • Drag reduced to a minimum resulting in lower fuel consumption
  • Restore standard-gear climb and cruise performance
  • Cruise speeds increased by 4 – 10 knots
  • For military ISR operations, reduced drag and increased loiter time by as much as 33 minutes
  • Aerodynamically designed to maximize drag reduction
  • Constructed of lightweight composite for maximum strength and minimum weight
  • Fully encloses optional high-flotation gear

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