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Achieve optimum performance and efficiency with Raisbeck’s EPIC Performance Package for the King Air 100 and A100. Each Raisbeck Performance System is individually enigneered to enhance specific operational aspects of your aircraft. Operators can take advantage of the cost-saving benefit of these combined systems and experience the operational flexibility, increased range payload and cruise altitude provided by this EPIC Performance Package.

  • King Air models 100 and A100
  • Compatible with all Raisbeck Performance Systems
  • Increased takeoff and landing gross weights
  • Higher Max Fuel Weight
  • Greater payload, range, higher cruising altitude
  • Quieter operations through reduced takeoff, climb and cruise RPM
  • For A100 models, elimination op propeller  secondary low-pitch stop
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes (DABS)
  • High Flotation Gear Doors (HFGD) – Required if equipped with high-flotation gear
  • Raisbeck Power Propellers (TFPS)

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