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Engineered for the King Air 200 series, Raisbeck’s Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) increases climb and cruise performance in all conditions by redirecting airflow more efficiently to your engines. In addition, RARS decreases ITT by up to 18ºC at equal torque settings, reducing fuel flows for increased range, while also protecting against foreign object damage (FOD) and enhancing your aircraft’s all-weather capabilities

  • Available for King Air 200, B200, and B200GT models (factory-standard on 250 and 260 models)
  • OEM Standard on new King Air 250 models
  • An EPIC Package element
  • Compatible with other Raisbeck Performance Systems for the King Air 200 Series

Not eligible for STC transfer from one aircraft to another

  • Significantly increases climb and cruise performance in both normal and anti-ice operating models
  • 8% increased available horsepower at altitude allows you to accomplish the same mission in less time
  • Measurable decrease in fuel flow at equal engine torque, resulting in increased range
  • Extend engine life and reduce operating costs due to less wear-and-tear on engine components
  • Ice vanes may be deployed at any time including ground operations, taxi and takeoff
  • Developed and tested in conjunction with Pratt & Whitney
  • FAA-Certified for ice-vane deployment on the ground and the air
  • Utilizes coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow plenum chamber
  • Full inlet plenum sealing prevents air from escaping engine plenum chamber
  • Raisbeck’s ice shedder contains 40% more holes aligned in a staggered pattern or improved airflow without compromising FOD protection

customer comments

“The big thing I like about the Ram Air Recovery System is the performance on takeoff: you can actually take off with the ice vanes open.  Where that gives me comfort – and I’ve actually experienced this – is bird strike, You take on down the intake and it just spits all the debris out. …The [Raisbeck Swept Blade] props and Ram Air Recovery give me more torque at higher altitude. The big attraction is the performance increase at higher altitude”

M.Taylot, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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