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Deploy with confidence

When an aircraft has a critical job to do, reliability is a prerequisite. The Caravan’s renowned dispatch reliability rate of 99.8% combined with multimission versatility, excellent performance, and generous payload capacity make it the ideal platform for special missions. Whether you’re saving lives, protecting the public, surveying territory, transporting, or something in between, you can count on your Cessna Caravan in accomplishing your mission.

Search and Rescue

Cessna Caravans are used all over the world for critical search and rescue operations by government, law enforcement agencies, and private businesses. The Grand Caravan alone has more than 2,500 in operation in more than 70 different countries, with over 14 million flight hours logged. The reason is simple — the versatility, rugged strength, and dispatch reliability of the Cessna Caravan fleet is unmatched. Ample range will allow you more search time, while excellent performance will gain you access to remote areas with unimproved landing strips. Caravans can also be fitted with amphibious floats and skis, allowing you access to areas with no landing strips at all. The performance, reliability, and global service network that Cessna Caravans offer make them the perfect platform for search and rescue operations of all types.

Float Operations
The Caravan Amphibian offers valuable multimission capability for a variety of applications. Combining traditional surveillance capabilities with the ability for direct intervention on water gives the Amphibian a significant advantage over conventional aircraft. Whether you’re using it for maritime search and rescue, pollution patrol missions, fisheries or sovereignty patrols, utility transports, drug and illegal migration interdiction, or any other special mission requiring an amphibious aircraft, Cessna will customize your Amphibian to fit your mission requirements. Your Caravan Amphibian can accommodate sensitive special equipment such as infrared cameras and topographical radar. With advanced Garmin avionics, you can integrate synthetic-vision technology as well as real-time weather radar equipment and a variety of other features. The unparalleled reliability and performance of the Cessna Amphibian will ensure that your crew has the time and the flight characteristics necessary to successfully complete the mission.
Parachute Operations
According to the FAA, skydiving is growing in popularity at a rapid pace. Professional parachute operations such as military applications are also on the rise. Whether you’re dropping a professional crew for a mission or taking people on recreational skydiving trips, a Cessna Caravan is the perfect platform. From its stability at slow speeds to its low-altitude capability and docile handling characteristics, Cessna Caravan has what it takes to complete successful and safe parachute missions. Caravans have renowned payload capacity, perfect for carrying a group of jumpers. When equipped for parachute operations, your Caravan will include parachute static lines, red-/green-light cabin signals, additional headphone jacks, and other accessories to assist in aerial deployment. The standard cargo door can be removed for use during missions or replaced with a Cessna-designed electric, roll-up door that can be opened or closed during flight. An optional cargo pod provides an additional 87.3 cubic feet, has a maximum load-carrying weight of 870 pounds, and has a maximum floor loading of 30 pounds per square foot.
Arial Mapping Photography
The flight characteristics required for aerial mapping and photography missions include stability, docile handling, and long range — all of which the Cessna Caravan delivers. The famous high-wing design of the Caravan makes for excellent visibility and steadiness. Configure your Caravan with floor-mounted cameras, precision systems, and stabilization mounts as well as GPS navigation and other technology integrated into the Garmin G1000 avionics suite. Access remote locations with short and rough landing strips with the Caravan’s durable and rugged landing gear. Even if your target location is covered in water or snow, the Caravan can be fitted with amphibious floats or skis. With the versatility, reliability, range, and performance characteristics offered by Caravans, you won’t find a better platform for your special mission. A Cessna Caravan is economical to fly and operate, easy to handle and maintain, and proven as reliable by the more than 5,000 Caravan operators in the skies today.
Pipeline / Geophysical Survey
Stay informed about the condition of your pipeline installation and rights of way with the most efficient and effective aircraft for visual pipeline inspection. Responding to leaks and intrusions before they escalate depends completely on the effectiveness of such inspections. Cessna Caravans are designed for low, slow flying, which supports such missions as pipeline integrity monitoring, management of pipeline inventory, right-of-way inspection, and vegetation management. With fully integrated monitoring equipment, you can easily detect pipeline leaks, erosion, vegetation issues, missing markers, and any other observable issues. A Cessna Caravan equipped for such missions can also handle geophysical survey missions. Cessna Caravans have the performance and reliability you need to keep your project sites running optimally. Easily access remote exploratory sites with short and rough landing strips. Configure your Caravan for maximum cargo space, maximum seating, or a combination of both. Our Caravans come standard with state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 avionics, ensuring optimal situational awareness for pilots. The G1000 flight deck also serves as a perfect platform for installing and integrating a variety of optional equipment to match your mission requirements exactly.
Because medical evacuation and air ambulance missions are always emergencies, there is no room for error in your aircraft platform. The proven dispatch reliability of the Cessna Caravan fleet makes them perfect for air ambulance services providers everywhere. The generous cargo capacity of the Caravan accommodates a medical staff as well as the necessary equipment, including a stretcher and base, ventilators, vacuum pumps, IV pumps, restraint systems, and more. Specialized loading systems can be designed for the Caravan medevac aircraft for ease of patient access. Evacuating injured or ill people in rural or remote areas is not a problem, as the Caravan has the performance power and the rugged landing gear to handle takeoffs and landings on short, unimproved landing strips. The Caravan Amphibian offers accessibility to areas with no landing strip at all. And because weather can be a concern in emergencies, every Caravan is equipped with Garmin G1000 avionics, which provide graphical weather radar and flight-planning technology to help keep you in the clear.
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