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Breathe new life into your turboprop

As the accredited African representative for a range of impressive aftermarket performance enhancement systems, Absolute Aviation is ideally situated to work with you to plan a significant upgrade for your aircraft.

We at Absolute Aviation understand the special challenges of aviation in Africa with remote locations, unimproved strips, hot and high take-off and not least, ever increasing cost of operation. This all emphasises the need for reliability, better safety margins, improved performance, payload and efficiency all while containing or reducing operational costs and increasing the value of your aircraft. These are just some of the good reasons to upgrade your King Air or Caravan in order overcome these inherent challenges by enhancing these already great products and how they work for you.

If your engines are approaching overhaul, it is a great time to consider upgrading to Blackhawk engines, paired with the other performance enhancement options available. These enhancements not only provide excellent comfort and safety to the pilots and operators, but they also enhance the experience for your passengers with a quieter, smoother, faster flight experience. We invite you to discuss your operational requirements with us. We are with you for the journey.

About Blackhawk Aerospace
As a start-up in 1999, Blackhawk Aerospace upgrades was founded from a desire to increase high-performance turboprop aircraft performance, speed, usability and reliability without the cost of purchasing a new aircraft.

As Blackhawk customer expectations grew, so the company grew adding divisions for US government support, maintenance, avionics, composites and aircraft sales. Presently the family of companies includes Blackhawk Aerospace upgrades, Blackhawk Aerospace solutions and Blackhawk Aerospace technologies, each dedicated to continuing to deliver unrivalled performance and exceeding expectations. Blackhawk’s upgrades were designed to expand performance, safety and comfort when upgrading engines as well as performance enhancements on turboprop aircraft types.

Engine upgrades: Pilatus PC-12 – XP67P, King Air 350 / 350ER – XP67A, King Air 300 – XP67A, King Air 200 all upgrades, King Air 200 – XP52, King Air 200 – XP61, King Air 200 – XP42, King Air 90 – XP135A

Caravan and Grand Caravan: XP140, Caravan & Grand Caravan – VY

Piper Cheyenne I, II, & IIXL:  XP135A

Cessna Conquest I: XP135A

Higher. Faster. Safer. Better

  • Increased climb rate
  • Shorter take off – access to more airports
  • Lower starting temps
  • Better safety margins
  • Lower operating costs
  • Fly faster – improved productivity
  • Strongest resale value.

BLR Aerospace
The aviation industry knows BLR Aerospace for its performance-enhancing products. BLR innovations fly on more than 10,000 helicopters and turboprop aircraft. As a trusted technology partner to OEMs and the aftermarket for 25 years, BLR Aerospace exclusively develops products of the highest technical calibre and only places its name on products that deliver a true and quantifiable step change in performance.

MT Whisper Prop is a five-blade, small diameter, carbon fibre propeller with a natural composite core for superior noise dampening. Developed by MT-Propeller, Whisper Prop incorporates advanced computer design to deliver a strong and lightweight result with infinite blade life. Installing Whisper Prop on your King Air will enhance performance and send cabin comfort soaring with unprecedented levels of quiet and a smooth, low-vibration flying experience. A smaller diameter propeller equates to greater ground clearance, reduced vacuum effect and less resulting FOD, all without sacrificing performance.

Designed for superior protection against damage, the MT Whisper Prop features a hard nickel-cobalt leading edge, for industry-best leading-edge protection. In the unusual event that the blade is damaged, you can be confident that the MT Whisper Prop has the easiest in-field repair, decreasing expensive aircraft downtime.

Whisper Prop is available for: King Air 90, 100,  200, 300 and 1900 C/D series.

Whisper Propeller benefits:

  • Unlimited blade life
  • Smallest prop diameter – reduced FOD
  • Superior Nickel-Cobalt leading edge protection
  • No RPM limitations for ground operations
  • Field repairable and replaceable blades for quickest return to service
  • Quietest prop
  • Dramatic reduction in vibration
  • Better icing performance

Winglet Systems from BLR Aerospace is a solid, stylish addition that will distinguish your King Air in the hangar, on the ramp and everywhere you fly. Carbon fibre Winglet and aluminium wing tip increase wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag and fuel consumption up to five percent or more.

BLR Winglet benefits include:

  • Reduced time to climb and fuel burn.
  • Improved short field performance.
  • Extended range.
  • Improved OEI climb.
  • Improved handling
  • Improved slow flight performance
  • Improved high altitude performance.
  • LED Lighting
  • Optional extended length leading edge de-ice boots
  • Modernised appearance.
  • Increased hull value

BLR Winglet Systems are available for: King Air 90, 200 and 300 series

Whisper Prop + Winglets
Performance gains are even higher when Whisper Prop is paired with BLR Winglets. Together, this powerful package comes with a certified Flight Manual Supplement verifying superior performance when compared to the factory King Air 90GTx and King Air 200 performance manuals. Operators can now enjoy the short-field performance and interior space of a King Air with comfort surpassing the comparatively space-limited entry-level business jet, all while flying an aircraft they already own.

Raisbeck Engineering Inc.
Raisbeck Engineering produces aerodynamic kits that can be installed individually to improve performance or in Epic Packages for the King Air 90 and 200 series that give certified performance gains.

For the 200 series Epic Platinum you can expect 10-15 knot cruise speed increases along with a 9 knot lower approach speed for increased safety, improved climb rates and 25 to 30% improvement in runway performance both take-off and landing. You are also able to utilise your MTOW at much higher ambient temperatures and still access shorter runways safely and legally.

For the King Air 90 Series Epic you can expect between 850lbs (older 90s) to 400 lbs (181 Kg) gross weight increases to 10,500 lbs (4 763 Kg) whilst accessing shorter airports at higher temperatures. The gross weight increase alone is two more passengers to anywhere you’re currently flying or stretch your flight another 30 minutes.

In both these Epic packages you are going to be in a much quieter cabin due to Raisbeck’s swept propeller technology developed in conjunction with Hartzell propellers not only for performance but also robust reliability.

The Raisbeck Crown wing locker system for King Air optimises your aircraft’s cargo capabilities by adding baggage space behind each engine. The aerodynamic design ensures zero performance loss.

Upgrades available for: King Air 200, king Air 300, King Air 350 / 350ER and King Air 90

Upgrade benefits:

  • Boost cargo capability by up to 600 lbs. (300 lbs. per locker) in 17 cubic feet of luggage space
  • Carry oversized luggage, snowboards, skis, fishing equipment and full-size golf bags
  • Free up seats for additional passengers
  • Save on interior wear and tear
  • Fully certified for FAR Part 135 operations
  • Lock and key security

    Raisbeck aluminium four-blade swept propellers
    For nearly 40 years, Raisbeck has worked with Hartzell Propeller to deliver high performance aluminium propellers for the King Air family and now offers state of the art technology with the swept blade propellers. Unlike other propellers that appear to be swept, Raisbeck’s swept blade design sweeps not only on the leading edge but also the trailing edge making it possible to increase propeller diameter for greater thrust without incurring increased propeller tip noise and vibration.


    • Increased prop efficiency and airflow into the engine.
    • Weight savings.
    • More thrust at lower RPM.
    • Reduced vibration and noise levels
    • Increased performance from take-off to landing.
    • Better runway acceleration and landing deceleration.
    • Stunning ramp presence.

    Upgrades available for King Air C90, E90, 200 and 300 series.

    Upgrade benefits:

    • Larger 96 to 106-inch diameter (depending on model) develops more thrust without increasing noise or vibration for a quieter cabin.
    • Increased thrust at lower RPMs.
    • Increased performance from take-off to landing.
    • Improved runway acceleration and landing deceleration.
    • Certified worldwide to meet the most stringent regulations and noise requirements.
    • Trouble-free operation between six-year, 4,000-hour overhauls.

    Lightweight five-blade composite swept blade propellers for the King Air 200 / 300 / 350

    Noticeably quieter, lighter in weight over aluminium propellers, Raisbeck’s Composite five-blade swept propellers offer greater performance, increased thrust without increasing vibration, strength and damage resistance. Beyond the inherent weight savings, composite blades provide unlimited blade life and the ability to maintain a more optimum airfoil shape over time, resulting in longer blade life expectancy. Nickel cobalt leading edges provide superior durability against foreign object damage and improved erosion resistance against environmental conditions.


    • Improved runway acceleration
    • Better climb performance
    • Increased thrust
    • Noise reduction
    • Better prop reverse for decreased landing distance
    • Unlimited blade life
    • Improved resistance to FOD
    • Easier fiberglass type repairs with no material loss
    • Impressive ramp presence

      Raisbeck dual aft body strakes for enhanced performance and comfort
      Improve directional stability, passenger comfort, aircraft control and handling. By channelling airflow under the aft fuselage, the strakes reduce noise while increasing comfort and performance.

      Upgrades available for: King Air 90, 200, 300, and 350 / 350ER

      Upgrade benefits:

      • Improved directional stability and pilot control
      • Reduced drag in all flight modes
      • Improved passenger ride quality
      • Quieter cabin and cockpit
      • Increased climb and cruise performance
      • Inherently reduced minimum control airspeed
      • Eliminate or increase yaw-damper-inoperative altitudes

      Raisbeck enhanced performance leading edges for increased lift and performance
      Leading edges deliver more lift while reducing stress and drag in King Air 200 aircraft. This is achieved by changing the shape of the inboard section of the wings’ leading edges, effectively optimising performance across the entire wing.

      Upgrades available for: King Air 200

      Upgrade benefits:

      • Increased cruise speed and range
      • Reduced stall speeds
      • Increased outboard wing life
      • More efficient air-conditioning through improved intercooler efficiency
      • Excellent low speed flying qualities and stall characteristics

      Raisbeck high floatation gear doors for increased lift for optimised performance
      By aerodynamically encasing OEM high floatation landing gear, Raisbeck’s fully enclosed High Flotation Gear doors restore the climb and cruise performance of standard-gear King Air aircraft while protecting wheel wells, tyres and brakes from the elements.

      Upgrades available for: King Air 90, 200, 300 and 350 / 350ER.

      Upgrade benefits

      • Fully enclosed protruding high-flotation gear, keeping wheels, tyres and brakes protected against weather and dirt.
      • Drag reduced to a minimum, reducing fuel consumption.
      • Restored standard gear climb and cruise performance.
      • Cruise speeds increased by 4-10 knots.

      Raisbeck RAM air recovery system
      By increasing the efficiency of engine airflow, the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System (RARS) increases your King Air 200’s engine performance in normal and anti-ice conditions. The system effectively decreases ITT by 18° at equal torque, reducing fuel flow and increasing range, while preventing FOD and enhancing your aircraft’s all-weather capabilities.

      Upgrades available for: King Air 200

      Upgrade benefits:

      • Significantly improved climb and cruise performance with ice vanes stowed or deployed
      • 18° cooler engine ITT at equal torque.
      • 8% increase in available horsepower.
      • 8% to 11% block fuel savings (as part of a Raisbeck EPIC package).
      • Ice vanes may be deployed at any time including taxi and take-off when OAT is ISA +27°C (as part of a Raisbeck EPIC package).

      Interstage Turbine Temperature (ITT) reduction: Utilises Coanda-effect aerodynamics for efficient airflow vectoring. Full inlet plenum sealing through unique full-body diaphragms.

      Further enhancements: Maximum performance gains are obtained when paired with Raisbeck swept blade turbofan propellers as their twist extends all the way to the spinner, driving high-pressure air into the engine inlet.

      The patented Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System maximises airflow to the engine inlet, allowing the engine to retain the same power regardless of ice vane deployment. With the RARS, you experience consistent speed and power as you climb through clouds or inclement weather with ice vanes deployed. With the ice vanes stowed, you experience increased power and speed while saving fuel, all at lower engine temperatures.

      With the Raisbeck Swept Blade turbofan propellers, or any EPIC package propeller ice vanes may be deployed at any time, including on the ground, during take-off and for landing when the outside air temperature is up to ISA +27ׄ°C. Use of ice vanes on RARS-equipped aircraft on the ground and during take-off and landing minimises the risk of foreign object damage. For this reason, the US Army has equipped its entire C-12 fleet with the Raisbeck Ram Air Recovery System.

      Raisbeck Epic Caravan (for C208B)
      A drag reduction system engineered to be as tough as the Cessna Caravan 208B:

      • Increased climb performance.
      • Faster cruise speeds.
      • Reduced ITT and fuel flows.
      • More cost-effective operations.
      • Enhance handling qualities.
      • Improved directional stability.
      • Better passenger comfort.


      ThrustSense® Autothrottle for King Air
      The IS&S (Innovative Solutions & Support) ThrustSense® Autothrottle is the first ever full regime autothrottle system to be certified for the King Air series.  ThrustSense® allows the pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engines from take-off to landing phases of flight, including go-around.  ThrustSense® computes and controls power levels reducing pilot workload.

      When operating in ThrustSense®’s manual mode the pilot maintains unhindered control of the aircraft’s thrust with the throttles.  ThrustSense® activates to protect against over-torque, over-temperature, excessive airspeed or under speed stall and then returns to monitoring mode.  Electronically adjustable detents covering the entire flight envelope can be programmed to emulate NextGen aircraft operation.

      ThrustSense® provides critical VMCa protection, as well as FADEC-like engine protection, eliminating two of the greatest ‘low-and-slow’ challenges associated with twin engine operations.  ThrustSense® enables automatic control of engine power settings by precisely computing and adjusting to the maximum safe power levels.

      IS&S’s Standby Display Unit enables full auto throttle control interface.  There are no additional structural modifications needed (other than replacing the existing standby with the Standby Display Unit), thus aircraft downtime is minimised.

      ThrustSense® is standard equipment on the King Air 260 and 360 and is the first and only certified auto throttle for King Air B200 and B300 aircraft.  In addition, this system has the same equipment and ease of installation for Pilatus PC 12 aircraft, as a modified single-engine system.

      ThrustSense® Aircraft Protection:

      • Flight envelope and engine protection.
      • VMCa mitigation.
      • Vs, Vmo limit protection.
      • Airspeed, mach and torque control.
      • FADEC functionality
      • Eliminates inadvertent throttle migration.
      • Coupled FMS VNAV.
      • MEL relief on condition maintenance.
      • Guard Mode (optional feature) allows the pilot to fly manually while incorporating all protection modes.

      ThrustSense benefits:

      • Reduced pilot workload
      • Increased safety
      • Air transport quality
      • Increased situational awareness
      • Stabilised approaches
      • Reduced cabin noise, increased cabin comfort
      • Symmetrical engine power management
      • Precise capture of speed target
      • Smoothest transitions into each flight mode
      • Increased endurance / range of 3%, 10% with endurance mode
      • Minimal additional force required to over-ride power lever
      • Short installation downtime.

      So when that time comes to review the available options for the significant enhancement of your turboprop, we invite you to discuss your operational requirements with us

      Tel: +27 (0) 11 548 3023
      Sharlene Earle:
      [email protected]
      Divan Naude: [email protected]
      Sizwe Buthelezi: [email protected]




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