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More than 2.5 million flight hours supporting the world’s best air forces.  Capable. Affordable. Proven.

The Beechcraft® T-6C Texan II military training aircraft is a next generation military trainer designed for all instruction levels.

Purpose-built for a wide range of capabilities, the model T-6C prepares pilots for real-world missions. Each training capability – from initial pilot screens to advanced operational training – is designed for military aircraft mission experience, giving pilots the expertise and confidence to achieve success.


Length 33 ft 4 in (10.16 m)
Height 10 ft 8 in (3.25 m)
Wingspan 33 ft 5 in (10.2 m)
Wing Area 175.3 ft² (16.28 m²)
Engine 1,100 shp (820 kW)
Type Turboprop
Maximum Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) 6,900 lb (3,130 kg)
Maximum Landing Weight 6,900 lb (3,130 kg)
Basic Weight 5,150 lb (2,336 kg)
Total Internal Fueld 1,200 lb (544 kg)
Total Fuel w/2 External Tanks 2,054 lb (932 kg)
Total Max. Usable Fuel w/4 Tanks 2,908 lb (1,319 kg)
Total Hardpoints 6
NATO Standard Weapons Stations 6
The future of cockpit design

The T-6C Texan II empowers pilots to see the whole picture. The state-of-the-art, all-digital, open-architecture glass cockpit offers the crystal clear visibility necessary for completing complex missions. The best training requires advanced total situational awareness. The T-6C flight deck features the technology needed to keep pilots safe and enhance their ability to train.

Today’s T-6C Texan II flight deck features include:

  • Three interchangeable color active-matrix, liquid-crystal multi-function displays driven by two avionics computers
  • Primary flight display, navigation, engine-indicating and crew-alerting systems, programmable mission functions, such as tactical situation displays, MIL-STD 1787 head-up display with F-16 or F/A-18 selectable display capabilities
  • Total integration of critical instruments, navigation and advanced weapons training skills
  • A back-up, all-in-one flight instrument, which combines all essential flight cues in one easy-to-read display
Environmental control system

Staying comfortable is vital to flight training.

Advanced environmental control system:

  • Keeps the cabin pressurized
  • Maintains a comfortable cockpit temperature on the ground and in flight
  • Provides anti-G capability for safe high performance of the aircraft
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