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Absolute Aviation

Featured article in African Pilot Magazine March 2024

Absolute Aviation, a leader in General Aviation in Africa, epitomises a comprehensive and seamlessly integrated General Aviation enterprise. Absolute’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated through the provision of unparalleled levels of support and expertise, manifested in bespoke aviation services tailored to suit valued clientele’s requirements.

As the authorised sales, service and parts representatives for the esteemed brands Cessna, Beechcraft and Pipistrel in Southern and Central Africa, Absolute Aviation stands as a beacon of reliability and trust in the aviation community.

In 2023, Absolute Aviation achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first Africa based aircraft sales dealer / broker to attain accreditation from the International Aircraft Dealers Association (IADA), a testament to their unwavering dedication to professionalism, quality and ethical business. With a diverse portfolio boasting representation of over 30 aircraft parts, engines and performance enhancement manufacturers across Africa, the Absolute team possesses unparalleled capabilities to source, supply and install these products, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for customers.

Furthermore, Absolute Aviation extends its expertise beyond product representation, offering a comprehensive suite of aviation services encompassing aircraft and flight operations management through their Fixed Base Operations and Flight Services business units.
At its core, Absolute Aviation and its affiliated entities, are steadfastly committed to providing a differentiated, customer-centric, turnkey solution to aircraft ownership and operations.

Absolute’s overarching mission is to accompany its valued customers throughout their aviation journey, ensuring safety and creating memorable experiences along the way. With the Head Office based in Zurich, Switzerland and African headquarters in Johannesburg (Lanseria), Absolute Aviation operates from six hangars, serving as the epicentre of its aviation endeavours.

In addition, Absolute Aviation operate from locations in Cape Town, Wonderboom, Maun (Botswana), Windhoek (Namibia), with a maintenance satellite station in Lomé, further extending their reach and accessibility to clients across the diverse regions of Africa.

Unparalleled aircraft sales support

Embarking on the purchase or sale of an aircraft is a significant decision, laden with complexities that can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Absolute Aviation understands the intricacies involved in these transactions and the company has crafted an unparalleled support system to ensure your experience is not just satisfactory but truly exceptional.

Deal delivery and facilitation expertise: unique to Absolute Aviation

Beyond the allure of its aircraft and comprehensive support, what truly sets Absolute Aviation apart is its dedicated deal delivery and facilitation team. This team is your steadfast companion from the initiation of the sales contract, overseeing every facet of the transaction:

  • Drafting contract-related documentation in collaboration with legal counsel.
  • Managing the logistics of aircraft deliveries, including ferrying and shipping.
  • Overseeing SARS import / exports and SACAA aircraft registration processes.
  • Coordinating Import and Export Certificate of Airworthiness processes.

From decision-making to delivery, the Absolute deal delivery and facilitation team is committed to making your journey as painless and hassle-free as possible. When Absolute Aviation promises to be with you for the journey, the company means this.

Why purchase from Absolute Aviation?

When you choose Absolute Aviation for your aircraft acquisition, you are not just investing in an aircraft; you are investing in a relationship backed by unwavering commitment and these are the reasons:

  • Dedicated support throughout your aircraft ownership, from services and parts to hangars and charters.
  • Proven expertise in customising aircraft solutions to meet your requirements, without added frills and unwanted costs.
  • Sales agreements that are compliant with the latest aviation legislation, courtesy of Absolute’s in-house legal and administration team.
  • Smooth and efficient sales transaction processes.
  • Receive a large number of rewards with AbsoluteAdvantage membership.
  • Absolute’s position as the authorised sales representative for Beechcraft, Cessna and Pipistrel adds credibility to all transactions.

Why sell through Absolute Aviation?

Selling your aircraft is a strategic move that requires exposure and precision and these are the reasons why you should choose Absolute Aviation as your sales partner:

  • Gain maximum exposure to buyers and merchants through Absolute’s national and international sales networks, including Textron Aviation’s
    global channel network.
  • Make use of Absolute’s various marketing channels and international aircraft sales trading platforms.
  • Receive pricing guidance for your aircraft sales from the experienced Absolute Aviation Sales Team.
  • Receive real leads and buyers; Absolute distinguishes between tyre kickers or time wasters from real opportunities.

Textron Aviation

Textron Aviation is committed to designing and delivering the best aviation experience for its customers. With a range that includes everything from business jets, turboprops and high-performance pistons to special mission, military trainer and defence products, Textron Aviation has the most versatile and comprehensive aviation product portfolio in the world and a workforce that has produced more than half of all General Aviation aircraft worldwide. Customers in more than 170 countries rely on the legendary performance, reliability and versatility of the brands, along with the company’s trusted global customer service network, for affordable, productive and flexible flight.

Textron Aviation has been inspiring the journey of flight for nine decades and continues to be the global leader by equipping customers
with smart solutions for every circumstance, every mission.

Absolute Aviation
Absolute Aviation, with its headquarters at Lanseria International Airport, is the authorised Sales, Service and Parts Representative for Textron Aviation’s Three major aircraft brands – Cessna, Beechcraft and recently Pipistrel, in Southern and Central Africa.

Beechcraft piston engine aircraft

Bonanza G36
The Beechcraft Bonanza G36 is built for adventure and utility with its unmatched craftsmanship. This aircraft is the longest produced single-engine piston aircraft of all time with a combination of high performance, functionality and class, offering a spacious and comfortable ride for five of your closest friends and colleagues. An air conditioning system with fully automatic climate control allows true ‘setand- forget’ operation, even during takeoff. In the cockpit, pilots will appreciate an updated panel with an electronic standby and new autopilot controller with ‘Level Button’. No need to sacrifice hauling convenience, with its spacious interior. With four different layouts, the interior is designed to make it simple to accommodate passengers or special cargo. This aircraft is powered by the latest technology in integrated cockpits using Garmin G1000 NXi avionics. This aircraft is equipped with primary flight information, engine performance, graphical navigation, available traffic, terrain, XM satellite weather and synthetic vision even an integrated Garmin autopilot, barometric VNAV and WAAS with LPV approach. The new GMC 707 autopilot control panel creates an easy to manage flight deck, while the new Garmin GI 275 electronic standby creates a classic look with a modern upgrade to a sleek glass touchscreen display.

Baron G58
The Beechcraft Baron G58 is secure, powerful and sophisticated. With twin engine redundancy, comfort for six, large aft cargo doors for mission flexibility and confident dispatch, this real-world performer is the ultimate personal aircraft and business tool you have been waiting for. The 137 cu ft cabin features four seats in a club configuration, complete with lumbar support and headrests. With many amenities like leather seats, powered headset jacks, dual USB ports, reading lights and climate controlled individual air vents, this aircraft is configurable to fit your needs for legroom and large baggage or cargo.

In the cockpit, pilots will appreciate an updated panel with an electronic standby and new autopilot controller with ‘Level Button’. This aircraft is powered by the latest technology in integrated cockpits, the Garmin G1000 NXi avionics with a modern upgrade to a sleek glass touchscreen display using the Garmin GI 275. The new GMC 707 allows for an easy to manage flight deck. The optional Class-B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) will alert pilots of potentially hazardous obstacles and conflicts in terrain.

A digital Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) and an Air Data Computer (ADC) provide attitude and air data information to the system. AHRS replaces pneumatic gyros by using comparative inputs from GPS, a magnetometer and the air data computer to achieve increased levels of reliability and precision.

Cessna piston engine aircraft

Skyhawk C172
The Cessna Skyhawk 172 piston is the most popular single-engine aircraft ever built and has achieved the reputation for being the ultimate training aircraft. With simplistic flight characteristics, great visibility and a sophisticated glass cockpit outfitted with Garmin G1000 avionics, this aircraft boasts a slow landing speed and a lenient stall. It is a flight training favourite for student pilots and perfectly designed to help you soar. This steadfast four-cylinder, fuel-injected Lycoming engine provides 180-hp and pairs economy with convenience. This aircraft is designed for instructors, students and observers alike with seats wrapped in durable Luxor 2, large wraparound windows, soft LED lighting throughout the cabin and cockpit dual USB ports, every lesson is enjoyed in comfort. The Garmin G1000 NXi avionics command the next generation with the new Garmin GI 275 electronic standby. The flight deck includes an optional integrated Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) and an automatic flight control system. Two 10.4-inch, high-resolution liquid crystal displays show flight instrumentation, traffic data, digital altitude, moving maps, navigation, communication and other real-time flight-critical data. The system looks at the entire flight path via satellite and renders a three-dimensional virtual ‘reality’ landscape, which is displayed on one or both primary flight displays. This technology prepares you for what lies ahead in plenty of time to plan for any traffic around the aircraft, even in solid IFR (instrument flight rules) or nighttime VFR (visual flight rules) conditions.

Skylane C182

Endless adventure awaits with the 230-hoursepower Cessna Skylane 182 aircraft. With its high-wing design and durable airframe, this celebrated piston aircraft delivers a level of performance perfect for the next level of pilot. The elegant design is bold, simple and beautiful.

Every engineered part has a purpose and crafted with evolution and wisdom that only comes from a fleet with decades of operating experience. With ergonomically designed seats wrapped in durable Luxor 2, this aircraft offers a fourseat configuration, providing room to expand your aviation influence to your friends and colleagues.

With the ability to use short, unimproved runways, including dirt and gravel, this piston is a true high-performance aircraft with more than 900 nm of range. Powered by Lycoming IO-540-AB1A5 230 hp engine driving a McCauley three blade constant speed propeller. This aircraft is equipped with the latest technology in integrated cockpit avionics with the Garmin G1000 NXi and new Garmin GI 275 electronic standby keep the classic look of your standby instruments while upgrading to a modern, sleek glass touchscreen display.

Turbo Skylane C182
The Cessna Turbo Skylane T182 piston packs enough muscle to climb 1,040 ft per minute to a maximum cruising altitude of 20,000 ft and then maintain its full 235 hp. With a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots, cruise comfortability above unfriendly weather, challenging terrain and traffic. With its high-wing design and durable airframe, this piston is poised and ready to rise to even the most challenging adventures.

Equipped with Garmin G1000 NXi and the new GI 275 electronic standby providing a brand-new cockpit interface. Standard Garmin GFC 700 digital autopilot with Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) and Underspeed Protection (USP) allow for increased automation and more protection features.

The jet-level GFC 700 autopilot significantly reduces pilot workload and enhances the safety of every flight. The optional Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) enhances visual orientation with three-dimensional renderings of terrain on both flight displays.

This advanced graphics modelling technology recreates the surrounding landscape accurately in three-dimensional, graphical renderings on your primary flight display. Pilots have a clear picture of ground and water, airports, obstacles and air traffic; all shown relative to the aircraft.

The ‘Go Around’ switch or go-around button disengages the autopilot, selects flight director go-around mode and activates a missed approach. It is conveniently positioned above the throttle on the instrument panel. Additional features are included in this robust system and together they offer Turbo Skylane pilots more precision than any other aircraft in the category.

Turbo Stationair C206 HD
The Cessna Turbo Stationair HD T206 piston is designed to fit your mission needs whether commuting five passengers, loading ger through the dual aft cargo doors, landing on a short dirt airstrip, or splashing in a remote lake on amphibious floats. No need to choose between utility and comfort, this aircraft expands your horizons to take your adventure almost anywhere. The highly reliable LED landing and recognition lights provide great illumination and utilise pulse recognition technology to improve visibility.

The standard Garmin GFC 700 digital autopilot with Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP) and Underspeed Protection (USP) allow for increased automation and more protection features. The Turbo Stationair HD flight deck is a proven system that reduces workload with added features and capabilities such as graphical weather radar, electronic charts, the optional Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™), engine sensor data, autopilot functionality and more. The G1000 flight deck is standard on Cessna’s Caravan models as well, therefore pilot’s transition between aircraft will be smoother when upgrading.

Pipistrel Panthera

My first encounter with the Pipistrel Panthera was when I visited AERO Friedrichshafen about four years ago where the first prototype was on display. Whilst admiring the sleek shape of the Panthera, my thoughts were that this aircraft is fast – very fast, even whilst it was standing on its undercarriage legs on display.

The good folks at Pipistrel allowed me to climb into and settle down in the left front seat so that I could obtain an idea about how this unique ‘sports car like’ amazing high-performance single engine cruiser would fly.

Unique four-seat cruiser with an attractive design and efficient performance

Imagine an aircraft that can fully take advantage of small, short-runway airfields that bring you closer than ever to your destination or fly around the world and open a whole new world of opportunities. Panthera is an airplane that is carefully designed to keep you safe, comfortable, being at the same time quiet and friendly to the environment. It is an innovative airplane, which instantly catches attention. Panthera has been designed from the very beginning to be available with either electric engine, hybrid propulsion or petrol engine. In this case, Pipistrel decided for Mogas fuel due to lower price and availability in several parts of the world when compared to Avgas. (Utilising the Lycoming IO-540V-V4A5 engine for both Mogas or Avgas consumption).


Panthera is designed by applying the most modern design and construction techniques, on top of 30 years of knowledge, experience and excellence in building aircraft. Panthera’s organic curves are a product of optimisation through advanced, in-house developed computer tools, where each detail is designed to ensure minimum drag and maximum efficiency.

It is specially designed to ensure minimum noise and maximum performance, reducing the aircraft’s environmental footprint and increasing cabin comfort. Panthera also features all-electric systems for component actuation. Its titanium trailing-link undercarriage, flaps and trim are all electrically operated, resulting in low weight and maximum reliability by removing the need for complex and heavy hydraulic systems. All internal and external lighting is realised using state-of-the-art LED technology, providing for better clarity, recognition and feel.


Panthera achieves unprecedented efficiency through careful aerodynamic shaping, retractable titanium undercarriage, lightweight advanced composite structure, a tailor-made propeller and a dedicated performance exhaust system. Efficiency is translated directly into more speed for the same power. No other four-seat aircraft exists that flies this fast on the same engine! For the owner / operator this represents significantly lower operating costs and simplified maintenance.

Maximum range is available with any payload, something which pilots of four-seat airplanes have been wishing for. The robust design of the undercarriage and low overall weight allows for operations from short grass strips, taking you as close as possible to your desired destination.The engine is ready for the future, able to accept unleaded fuels and meeting the future environmental requirements. Hybrid and electric models further reduce the take-off noise footprint by taking advantage of the pure-electric take-off. The Panthera hybrid is still in testing phase, whilst the Velis Electro is in production.

Cabin comfort

One of the major design points of Panthera is the state-of-the-art ergonomic cabin. All features provide superior comfort and usability for people of all sizes. Access is easy via three large gull-wing style doors, two in the front for pilot and co-pilot and one for the back row of seats. Pilot and co-pilot seats are adjustable, as are the rudder pedals. The central stick is ergonomic and provides the sporty feel signature to Panthera. The two back seats are very wide and convenient.

The aircraft features a supersized cargo door, but the cargo can also be accessed from the cockpit during flight. The interior is furnished with the highest quality leather and LED lighting for exclusive feel and functionality. Climate is controlled thanks to the on-board air-conditioning with automatic ventilation (optional). It will keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

Materials and technology

Every detail of Panthera’s graceful lines has been thoroughly aerodynamically optimised using customised, state of the art computer fluid dynamics software, resulting in a smooth and clean shape. The specially designed wing airfoils are optimised for cruise efficiency and therefore speed, while at the same time ensuring high maximum lift and docile stall characteristics.

Its instantly recognisable T-tail ensures low interference drag and helps improve spin characteristics by preventing the horisontal stabiliser from shadowing the rudder at high angles of attack.

Realising Panthera’s aerodynamic shape while still ensuring maximum safety and keeping the weight low would be impossible without the use of advanced next-gen materials. Most of the aircraft structure is made from carbon-fibre composites, with antistatic materials and Kevlar used in areas where it matters.


As part of the rich serial equipment, Panthera features a full-airframe parachute rescue system, which was specially developed, so it can be deployed at both low- and high speeds as well as low altitudes. The cabin has been engineered as a safety cell / roll bar with built-in energy absorption zones, providing superior safety to the occupants in the event of an accident. The seats and safety belts are engineered to the latest +26G CS / FAR-23 certification standards. Immediately noticeable is the incredible view from the cockpit. By having just one central pillar, the pilot’s view forward and sideward is virtually unobstructed, thus greatly improving the safety of flight. The ergonomic cockpit comes with special annunciation panels, improving situational awareness when it comes to different audio and visual alarms (terrain, stall, overspeed and engine issues).

Panthera’s performance also contributes to safety; the lightweight structure, powered by powerful engines means that you will reach safe speeds and altitudes much quicker than usual, reducing time spent in the critical zones. Special attention has been paid to realise the aerodynamic shape, which gives Panthera excellent handling at low speeds and superior stall / post-stall characteristics. Also important are tailored solutions to simplify maintenance, thus reducing the probability of mistakes occurring during the check-ups.

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