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The Absolute Aviation Fleet Insurance scheme was established over 10 years ago as a bespoke solution for general aviation supported by reputable global underwriters AXA and Lloyds of London. Because we believe that aircraft insurance should be about more than just hull insurance, we offer fully comprehensive aircraft insurance coverage at extremely competitive rates. We have additionally applied our experience in aviation to the list of unique benefits. These are integrated into the coverage agreements at no extra cost.  A few examples worth mentioning are:

  • Diminution of Value – Within the first five years, an aircraft is covered by the difference between its blue book and market values as determined by McLaren’s Aviation. Even if the reduction is the result of damage which has been fully restored, including repairs carried out by the aircraft manufacturer, this insurance policy still applies.
  • The improved Betterment clause now means that betterment costs do not apply up to ten percent of the aircraft’s value.
  • The Extra Expenses clause means renting a replacement aircraft or parts for a period of seven to sixty days, as a result of accidental loss or damage can translate into a payout of US $20 000 per day.
  • The Trip Interruption Expenses clause covers food, travel and lodging expenses for passengers when faced with unexpected travel interruptions.
  • Aircraft damage detected during inspection, maintenance or performance monitoring is now also covered by our insurance policy under the Single Identifiable Incident clause.
  • In the event of a total loss, an additional two and a half percent, not exceeding US $750 000, is paid over and above the agreed value per aircraft.
  • Our No Claims Bonus means that ten percent of the hull premium is reimbursed annually.
  • The Aircraft Lay Up Return clause provides additional discount based on the difference between full flight and ground risk premiums. 
  • Spares and components can be insured for US $5 million.
  • Voluntary Settlements can go up to US $300 000, and Medical and Related expenses US $20 000 per seat, for passengers and crew.
  • Premises Liability means you are insured up to US $25 million.


Aircraft insurance plays an indispensable role in aviation as it relates to safety and sustainability but can be as complex as it is crucial. Absolute Aviation Fleet Insurance policies are designed to be attentive to your specific needs and to be fully transparent and comprehensive. We designed our fleet package to provide complete peace of mind and to make insurance costs palatable and fair.

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